Different types of Motorsport

As you may know, there are a lot of different kinds of motorsport out there. It can be confusing to difference them from one another. So I decided to create this blog post and explain to you some of the different motorsports that exists. And maybe, hopefully, you’ll find one type that suits your interests. Lets dive into it!


This type of car motorsports or racing comes in its simplest form possible. All you need is basically motorsport cars and some cash. The race works like this: race on a course made up of cones and try to get the best time! You need a SCCA membership, which usually costs something like $60-$100. You also need your own helmet and pay a entry fee of $20-$40. This type of racing is usually very laid back and fun! If you’ve never raced before, then this is a great way to start out and get your feet wet!


Rallycross Championship

Now we’re racing the bar a bit, but we’re still on beginner’s ground. This format of racing is also a very safe form of racing, a good place to get your feet wet as a beginner. You’ll need a SCCA membership here aswell and a helmet. So how does Rallycross work? Well, pretty much the same as Autocross, with the exception that you race on the dirt. You race on a course made up of cones and try to get the best time.

ProSolo Racing

This kind of racing is my favourite. It’s simple, fast and adrenaline filled! As you know by now you’ll need a SCCA-membership and a helmet. The entry fees are usually under $100.

So how does ProSolo racing work? I bet you’ve heard about drag racing, this is very similar. The difference is that drag race is without corners and ProSolo racing is with corners. You basically start at the same time, first guy over the line wins. Man vs Man & Car vs Car, It’s a classic, that’s why i love it so much!

This was only some of the few different types of racing. There’s so much more to be found out there in the world! I hope that I´ve inspired you some, I´d love to se you take action. Go get your SCCA membership and start racing. Don’t forget to write and tell me about it!

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