Hi and welcome everyone, My name is Ethan Pullins and I´m the author and creator of this blog which is all about motorsport. I´m not quite sure yet in what direction I´ll take this blog. All i know right now is that i have a burning desire for motorsports and what to write about it. So basically, this will be a forum for me to spill out all my thoughts regarding the subject.

A little about me

I´m 26 years old and have been raised with and around cars. My dad used to race, and we allways had a lot of race cars at home. I was fascinated as a little kid by all the cars. They looked so cool and I remember promising myself as a 10 year old kid, that when i became an adult I´d race. I did stick to that promise and now that is what i live for. I love to race, watch other race or just read about cool racing cars.

I hope you´ll enjoy your stay here at my blog. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this blog. Please contact me via this contact form.